The stone


You know..God sharps you..

Like iron,sharpens iron..

He will use His Sharping "machine"..

And He will sharpen all the edge around that sharp and hard stone of yours..

He will do that with you...

He want you to be happy...

He want you to feel good...

He want you to understand, that you are on His road..

Even if He is SHARPENING you...

Right now..

And that is an HURTFULL...


Different things has happend..

And that has inpact you..

And shapened you...

He needs to sharpen you..

So you get more soft...


To your self..

And others around you..

He will do it-with you.

He is love..

Iron shapens iron...

You cooperate with Him and you will see that the hard in your heart..

Are coming to be more soft..

It will be good and you will wonderfully He has made you.

This is not for the bad for you.

This is for the best-this is good to be in.

This place,in His Precense..

He will do it will work out for you,for the best.

He is the King and Our Salvation..He will do what He has started.

You are on the road-with Him.

Let Him sharpen your stone-that is hurtfull..

What is hard..

What are you running from?


God has His ways to..

Reache ou to you..

And stop you..

He has ways to correct you..

He loves you!

Romans 8:28

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him,who have been called according to his purpose.


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