The Vessel

To My broken vessel:

I love you so..

I know you so..

I know your ways..

I know your past..

I know you.

I will never Leave you.

You are Mine...

Even though your are BROKEN... right now..

Even though you feel sad.... right now..

Even though you have sad thoughts.


I am there..

Even though.


You know,I will never,ever leave you.

Man can do that...the mankind can do that..

But Im not like that.


I am...

I am...



The creator,thats why I cannot leave you.

People can..


You are sad..

Becouse important people has left you.


You are sad..

Becouse those you trusted in ,lied to you.


You are sad...

Becouse your Vessel has gone broken.


And you think that God will never use you...




You are so sad..

In your sad time,I see you.


I see your heart and longings..

I give you those good thoughts...its from Me.

I love you so..


Just be still and be aware..That Iam there for you.

I will heal your vessel..My love.

I love you so..


My Kingdom is an Good Kingdom..

And there are Love in that Kingdom.


You are My child,and I love you so..

Be aware...,My son/doughter...

I am..


My love will flow over you,in to your broken vessel.

I do care for you.

My son...

My doughter..

I do..


My love is eternal..

Its eternal..


People can hurt,people can abandon,people can crush..

But you know..

I have come to heal your broken vessel.

I do love you already.


You dont have to do nothing to receive My Love.

Its there..


My heart is there for you.

My love is there for you.

I love you so..

I do...


My heart is crying with your heart.

I feel for you,My son/doughter.

I do..


Dont be discouraged,dont hate your self.

I will love you and teache you My Word.

My Word will heal your vessel..

The brokeness..


Jeremiah 33:6

Behold,I will bring it health and healing,I will heal them and reveal to them the abundance of peace and truth.


Jeremiah 30:17

For I will restore health to you.And heal you of your wounds,says the Lord.


Even if your vessel is broken here and there..

You are still in His hand and He is working with you...

Inside and out.


Its always...inside and out..

He comes to your heart and work it threw...


And out..


The vessel are going to be usefull-again..

He will restore it.

Even if you are in this place of your life,He is still using you,for His Glory..


In your weeknessness,sadness,brokeness..He is still there..

And His love is shining threw your broken vessel-to others..

The Love of God.

Is showing threw your sad,vessel..


It is there..

He loves you,and loves to sit with there for you..

Inside..your  heart,and have a meal with you.


He do care for you..

You,My son/doughter..


He is..

He says:

I am...

My son,My doughter..Your Father.


Exodus 3:14

God said to Moses,"I am who I am.This is what you are to say to the Israelites." I am has sent me to you."


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